S.No Problem PraticeLink
1 Divide an array into two sets S1 and S2 such that the absolute difference between their sums is minimum and find the minimum difference Click here
2 Prerequisite Tasks (Similar to Question of Modern Park) Click here
3 Rotate by 90 degree Click here
4 Given a matrix of size r*c. Traverse the matrix in spiral form. Click here
5 Stock span problem Click here
6 Possible Words From Phone Digits Click here
7 Unit Area of largest region of 1's Click here
8 Connect Nodes at Same Level Click here
9 Count Number of SubTrees having given Sum Click here
10 Stickler Thief (Similar to Alibaba and Thiefes Question) Click here
11 Generate and print all binary numbers with decimal values from 1 to N. Click here
12 Find all the unique quadruple from the given array that sums up to the given number. Click here
13 Given a Graph of V vertices and E edges and another edge(c - d), the task is to find if the given edge is a Bridge. Click here
14 Given a destination D , find the minimum number of steps required to reach that destination. Click here
15 Find the order of characters in the alien language. Click here