S.No Problem PraticeLink
1 Partition a set into two subsets such that the difference of subset sums is minimum Click here
2 Given a 2D board of letters and a word. Check if the word exists in the board. Click here
3 Given a string consisting of some numbers, not separated by any separator. The numbers are positive integers and the sequence increases by one at each number except the missing number. The task is to complete the function missingNumber which return's the missing number. Click here
4 Given a number K and string str of digits denoting a positive integer, build the largest number possible by performing swap operations on the digits of str at most K times. Click here
5 Given an array nums which consists of non-negative integers and an integer m, you can split the array into m non-empty continuous subarrays. Click here
6 findIn Mountain Array Click here
7 Capacity To Ship Packages Within D Days Click here
8 Number of Boomerangs Click here
9 Pacific Atlantic Water Flow Click here
10 Number of Provinces Click here
11 Construct Quad Tree Click here
12 course-schedule-ii Click here
13 Minimum swaps to arrange a binary Grid Click here
14 As far from land as possible Click here
15 Koko Eating Bananas Click here