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S.No Problem PraticeLink
1 Given an array of strings, return all groups of strings that are anagrams. Click here
2 Overlapping rectangles Click here
3 Count the subarrays having product less than k Click here
4 Given a string, Your task is to complete the function encode that returns the run length encoded string for the given string. Click here
5 Program to find Nth Ugly Number. Click here
6 Given two strings str1 and str2. We say that str2 divides str1 if it's possible to concatenate multiple str2 to get str1. Click here
7 Find the kid which gets tha damaged toy Click here
8 Total Decoding Messages Click here
9 Given a pattern containing only I's and D's. I for increasing and D for decreasing. Devise an algorithm to print the minimum number following taht pattern. Click here
10 Find max 10 numbers in a list having 10M entries. N.A.
11 Given an unsorted array Arr of size N of positive integers. One number'A' from set {1, 2, …N} is missing and one number 'B'occurs twice in array. Find these two numbers. Click here
12 Find total number of Squares in a N*N chessboard Click here
13 Decode the string Click here
14 Minimum Size Subarray Sum Click here
15 .Array Pair Sum Divisibility Problem Click here