S.No Problem PraticeLink
1 Find a continuous sub-array which adds to a given number S. Click here
2 Find the length of the Longest Arithmetic Progression (LLAP) in it. Click here
3 Number of distinct Words with k maximum contiguous vowels Click here
4 Partition Equal Subset Sum Click here
5 Total number of ways n can be expressed as sum of xth power of unique natural numbers Click here
6 Generate all combinations of well-formed(balanced) parentheses. Click here
7 Pots of Gold Game (Similar to Covid and Beds problem) Click here
8 ATOI Click here
9 Smallest palindromic number greater than N using the same set of digits as in N. Click here
10 Elections Click here
11 String Amendment Click here
12 Leaders in Array Click here
13 Minimum operations to convert array A to B Click here
14 Smallest range in K lists Click here
15 Given two library versions of an executable: for example, “” and “” or “10” and “10.1”. Find out which one is more recent? Strings can be empty also. N.A.